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About Terminal

The container terminal of the JSC «Novoroslesexport» started to operate in 1999.
Available warehouse area for open and secured storage: 16.77 hectares

Main activities of the terminal:

  • handling (loading/discharge) of container vessels
  • intermediate storage of containers at the warehouse area
  • completion of container parties
  • loading/discharge of container platforms as well

Cargo terminal piers No. 28, 28À, 29, 30. are used for loading/discharge of container vessels. The advantageous position of these piers provides safety for mooring of vessels being “pressed” to the berth by the north-east wind prevailing in this area.

Nowadays Container Terminal is able to handle vessels with capacity up to 4 500 TEU including PANAMAX containerships. The biggest container lines like MSC, Maersk, Arkas, Hapag-Lloyd, NYK, ZIM, COSCO, Tarros, SEJ, HSUD, COTUNAV working with Container Terminal of JSC Novoroslesexport.

Technological objects as a part of terminal:

  • Seaside loading front;
  • Railway loading front;
  • Sorting and warehousing area;
  • Platform for storage of reefer containers;
  • Container re-stuffing platform;
  • Platform for customs inspection of containers;
  • Inspection and checking complex (ICC);
  • Checkpoints.

Commitments of the terminal

The JSC «Novoroslesexport» container terminal provides almost full scope of services on handling of all types of containers including special equipment and has the following possibilities:

  • Handling of containers for cargoes out of size due to their height and width (Open top container, Flat-Rack container). Having specialized gear the terminal provides handling of containers with height of cargo up to 2,5 m oversize.

  • Besides the standard cargo handling devices such as ISO container spreaders for mobile cranes the terminal provides semi-automatic frames (20-40 feet).

  • Container loading with packaged timber cargoes using special semi-automatic machine capable for loading of standard 40 feet container within 15 minutes!

  • For more convenience in monitoring of indications of cooling units in refrigerator containers available stationary 800 outlets (0.4 kW) and 400 outlets on the generator.

  • The terminal approaching way provides reception of up to 69 fitting platforms at the same time making it possible to accept the express container trains for handling.

  • The container terminal of the JSC «Novoroslesexport» has the full set of necessary licenses for transshipment of wide range of dangerous goods.
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