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About Terminal

Timber terminal of JSC "Novoroslesexport" traces its history to the 30s of the last century.
Total area:42.53 hectares

The port may provide transshipment of the timber materials:

  • timber cargo (sawn wood, plywood, MDF) from railway and motor transports onboard bulk vessels: storage and accumulation of large sawn timber parcels with further shipments on the vessels
  • Metal in packages, in coils, in bundles (steel sheet, channel beam, angle, re-bar, rolled steel, pipes)
  • cargo in big bags
  • perishables cargo
  • wine material (transshipment on the direct scheme)
  • dangerous cargo in big bags (transshipment on the direct scheme)
  • dangerous cargo in boxes (transshipment on the direct scheme)
  • dangerous cargo on the pallets (transshipment on the direct scheme)

Piers # 31, 31A, 32/1, 32/2, 32/3, 32/4 and 32/5 are used for discharging and loading operations of bulk vessels. Due to geographic location, piers secure safety berthing of vessels.

High technology and service level of timber port comply with requirements of worldwide standards.

Technological objects as a part of timber terminal:

  • Maritime loading berths;
  • R/w transport unloading front;
  • Roofed crane trestle;
  • Sorting and warehousing area;
  • Rear warehousing areas;
  • Approaching ways for reception of r/w and motor transport;
  • Checkpoints.
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