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Nomenclature of cargoes

Nomenclature of cargoes transshipped through cargo terminal of the JSC “Novoroslesexport”

1. Sawn timber in hard transport packages

2. Plywood in packages

3. Fiberboard in packages

4. Non-ferrous metal in packages and bundles

5. Metal in packages, rolls, packs, bundles

6. Cargoes in big bags

7. Perishable cargoes

8. Grain in big bags

9. Wine materials (transshipment as per direct scheme)

10. Full containers

11. Containers with dangerous goods

12. Empty containers

13. Dangerous goods in big bags (transshipment as per direct scheme only)

14. Dangerous goods in cases (transshipment as per direct scheme only)

15. Dangerous goods on pallets (transshipment as per direct scheme only)

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